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The Vedbæk Finds

The Vedbæk Finds

At the museum Vedbækfundene you can experience unique finds from Danish prehistory. In our main exhibition a reconstruction of the life in the Stone Age Denmark, containing both graves and lifelike dioramas, will bring you back in time. The Special Exhibitions gives you the opportunity of meeting Jacob – a bog skeleton from the Iron Age, admiring beautiful neckpieces from the Bronze Age and much more.

The Vedbæk finds – A 7000 year old hunting culture

In the permanent exhibition you can see unique graves and stone implements from the time during the Stone Age, where Hunter-Gatherers settled the Vedbæk area here in Zeeland. The temperature was at the time 2-3°C higher than it is today when a fjord was formed in the present Vedbæk Maglemose. It was around this fjord people settled and where archaeologists in the 1970s and 1980s found tools of stone and bone from hunted game. These finds have given an insight into, not only how the hunter and food-gatherers lived, but also in how they died.


The Vedbæk finds offer tours in English for groups of all ages. On a tour you will achieve knowledge about the climate, nature, tools, burial customs, and life conditions in the Danish Stone Age 7000 years ago.

A guided tour takes about one hour and is easily combined with a visit in the neighbouring Restaurant Spiseriet , the artexhibition Gl. Holtegaard, or perhaps at nice walk in Thurah’s Baroque Garden  behind the exhibtion.

If you want to book a guided tour, weekdays or weekends just give us a call.

The Museum Shop

Our shop has a collection of different souvenirs, rabbit-furs and t-shirts. You can also buy postcards, posters and different kinds of literature about the archaeological and historical periods. Please note - you cannot pay with foreign creditcards - please pay in cash in DKK.